Slice provides prebuilt and configurable reports. Two types of reports are available for each design on the project. The first is the Design Overview report. This provides a breakdown of each variable along with summary statistics question by question on the design.

The second type of design report is the Advanced Design report builder. The report builder allows you create tables by adding variables from the design to either stratify the rows of the table, or to be used to display the columns of the resulting report. For example, the rows variables could be Site and Biological Sex, which would stratify the rows by each of these. The column for the table could then perhaps be sheet collection date or any other variable available on the design. While the design report builder is a bit more difficult to use than the Design Overview report, we still highly recommend you to try it out as it can provide much better insight into the variables and designs. Add a few filters, reorder the filters, and see as the report will dynamically update as the changes to the report are made.

Slice also provides an overall Summary Report, which displays the types of sheets that have been collected over time More detailed checks for missing data can be created using the Data Quality Checks module.