Slice generates two types of notifications: In-App and Email notifications.


The majority of notifications that Slice generates are handled using in-app notifications. This is done to help ensure that users don't miss important alerts that may occur on a less frequent basis.

Users receive in-app notifications when an adverse event is reported, a comment is made, an export is completed, a handoff event is completed, or a sheet unlock is requested.

A user can view current notifications and recently read notifications.


A user can disable emails in their user settings.

Slice sends out a daily digest that can be enabled or disabled per project that contains a list of sheets and comments created in the past 24 hours. Slice does not send out a daily digest on Saturday or Sunday, but does include sheets and comments created in the past 72 hours in the Monday daily digest.

An email is generated when an adverse event is initially reported, as well as when a subject is randomized.

Slice also sends a few emails that a user will receive whether or not they have emails enabled. These include the password reset email, password expiration email, project invitation email, and sheet unlock email.