Slice allows project editors to set up custom checks on the project that search for contradictory or missing data for subjects across several sheets.

For instance, a simple check may be to see if Age has been entered for the subject.

A more complex check may be to check if Age has been entered, but only if the subject has also been randomized.

Checks can also look across multiple variables. For example, a check may identify subjects who are marked as eligible on one sheet, but for some reason are marked as ineligible on another sheet.

Once the data check has been made, a list of identified subjects and sheets is available to go and fix the data inconsistencies. The validity of sheets and variables based on these checks is made apparent when viewing a subject, browsing the sheets index, or viewing an individual sheet. The message provided on the check indicates to the user what is wrong, versus what is expected, and provides contextual information to allow the user to resolve the issue.

Sheets on the sheet index can also be filtered by failing these checks which provide users doing data cleaning a direct access to sheets with data quality issues.