Lingo, slang, jargon...Slice makes use of its own set of words to encapsulate larger ideas.

Here we present some of the common words you will see in Slice.


Questionnaires Case Report Forms (CRFs) Surveys Instruments

Designs are blank forms that contain one or more sections and have a series of questions. These questions may have preset choices and may also have predefined valid ranges and formats.

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Data Entry Questionnaire Response Journal Entry Completed Survey Completed Form

Sheets refer to data that has been captured.

Sheets can be edited, updated, locked, printed, and validated.

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Questions Data Points

Variables define the questions that are present on designs. Variables can come in a number of different formats to allow a wide range of data to be collected.

Variables can be single choice responses, multi-choice, free text, times, numbers, calculations, and can also be signatures and file uploads.


Choices Discrete Data Valid Responses Options Categorical

A domain is a predefined and finite set of choices. A domain can belong to multiple questions, for example a "Yes or No" domain, or it may be specific to a single question.

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Notice any other words that are confusing when using Slice?

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