Slice provides a variety of formats for data exports.

CSV Exports

Data can be exported to CSV format using either labeled or raw values. The labeled CSVs are more human-readable, while the raw value CSVs are easier to integrate into statistical analysis programs.

R and SAS

For users comfortable in doing analysis in R or SAS, Slice provides exports directly to these formats. Each export contains a script to properly format the data in both R and SAS.


Each sheet can be printed as a PDF. This export generates a PDF for each sheet for users wishing to archive, print, or upload sheets to other systems.

Data Dictionary

Slice generates a data dictionary that describes data collected across designs. This data dictionary can be exported along with the data to help share results and analysis with other researchers, or to aid in secondary analysis.

Uploaded Files

Files attached to sheets can be downloaded by including "Uploaded Files" in the data export.

Adverse Events

A CSV of data describing adverse events on the project can be exported.


This CSV export includes a list of randomizations along with associated randomization data, including treatment arms and randomization number.